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Econotech Simmentaler
Home of Gonasty PP, Zoetis Southern Africa Proven Bull of 2018
Constantly improving fertility, calving ease and efficiency (growth, but keeping to moderate cow mass)

Klein Kalant is available

REPRODUCTION IS KING : -2.3(DC), ICP of 376 days and 1st calf of heifers at 24 months
DC (Days to Calving) in top 10% of SA 2019 crop)
SBI and SPI (economic selection indexes) in top 5% of SA

Two of our bulls on short list of 16 top bulls of Southern Africa for new AI bull

Klein Kalant P, PJD1565 P 

Amri P, PJD1950 P 


     Doornbult Magic

Econotech Simmentaler on Doornbult-Boven, a family farm since 1831

"Let the fields be jubilant,

and everything in them!"