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Herfsoggend by die Lang Bome se dam.jpg

Econotech Simmentaler on Doornbult-Boven (est. 1831)
John Deere award for the Southern Africa Simmentaler Cow Group 2023 

Our cattle are adapted to the Karoo


  • Heifers calve at 24 months (SA 32 months)

  • Inter Calving Period (ICP) of 352 days (SA 436 days)

  • Strong selection for medium frame cows with excellent condition

Commercial farmers call for no-nonsense and profitable farming:

  • Calving ease in open veld (our breeding values are in top 10% of SA 2022 crop)

  • Mainly polled cattle (75% of cows and heifers are polled)

   Doornbult-Boven Magic

"Let the fields be jubilant,

and everything in them!"

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