Buying a bull is a genetic decision and not a financial one.” (Gerhard van Zyl. LBW)

Nature (and an open mind) and science (constantly measuring breeding attributes) help us to provide dependable seedstock to our clients.


An economic selection index combines genetics and economics into a single Rand value of the worth of an animal. Thus, we use the Simmentaler Breeders Index (SBI) (mainly for breeders who farm with Simmentalers) and the Simmentaler Profit Index (SPI) which is based on the use of Simmentalers as part of a cross breeding cattle operation.

Our herd’s 2021 crop average at R672 for SBI and R610 for SPI, which are in the top 5% of the SA 2019 crop.

Climate change as demonstrated in rising temperatures and irregular rainfall patterns shape our breeding policy. For more details please go to our notes in Afrikaans. (An English version will be added shortly.) 


Our bulls represent the best of our breeding policy. In addition they excel under veld conditions – only the most hardy ones are kept as stud bulls.


He offers a rare combination of genes (Gonasty, Profeet, Zamuto and Kalhei). Two of his sons are still available.

27 April kalant rfi grafiek.jpg

Kalant, sire of young bulls - in top 5% of breed in feed efficiency. Results on graph of Phase C test - Glen station.

Research has shown that a 10% improvement in feed efficiency can lead to 43% improvement in profit.

More information and graphs of Kalant's performance and pedigree is available. The longevity and fertility of his various dams in his pedigree forms the basis of his own fertility(ten out of the thirteen dams had six or more calves in their respective lifetimes).

Our bulls from our Econotech Simmentaler Seedstock are really a showcase of consistent breeding. During the pre-mating season we took meticulous care in choosing the correct bull for every cow to be mated. We manage to increase their expected genetic performance.


A few of Kalant’s sons from 2019 are available. They, Thor PJD1923 (sold), PJD1938 P and PJD1943 P are 2 ½ years of age and take Kalant’s excellent breeding attributes a step further. Go to the accompanying graphs for more information.


THOR 10 Feb 22.jpg

In order to read the number of a specific bull and to get more info on its pedigree and graphs on breeding values, please CLICK on the specific photo.

Thor, PJD1923, hails from a mother line which boasts of the well-known sires, Zolerz, Jimsu and Eisenherz. He excels in calving ease and fertility, but also with growth attributes above the average of the 2020 SA crop. During our last breeding season we made limited use of Thor. A photo of one of his offspring is include. 


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PJD2114 seun van Thor_edited.jpg
Pa (Kalant) en seun PJD1938 meet kragte.jpg

PJD1938 P (left) graples with one of our senior sires, Dan

PJD1938 P is polled and almost an exact replica of his sire, Kalant P. He should inherit more or less similar feed efficiency as Kalant (who has a Net Feed Efficiency breeding value of -0.12, in the top 5% of the 2020 SA crop). Furthermore, PJD1938’s dam is remarkable fertile with an ICP (inter calf period) of 347 days and 9 calves. He excels in calving ease, fertility and growth as shown in the accompanying graphs.

PJD1938 P.jpg

PJD1938 P (click on photo for pedigree)





Another son of Kalant, Kitshoff PJD1943 P, is also available

Econotech Dan S, PJD1743
Senior seedstock sire
R738 SBI (economic index)(in top 5% of SA 2020 crop)
Strong on fertility (in top 5% and 1% respectively re SS and DC), calving ease (top 10%) and a low MCW.
Semen available.

dan 11sept_edited.jpg

Dan brings a different set of genes to our seedstock operation. He excels in reproduction traits which culminates in Days to Calving (DC) of -5.0 (in top 1%). This is coupled to strong body condition EBV's, a must for survival under a harsh environment. He is also a curve bender regarding growth with a EBV of 27 for 400days growth (top 45%) and a 25 for MCW(lower 20%).  As a result Dan's 2020-21 calf crop remain with economic indexes in the top 5% of the SA 2019 crop, but with improved fertility, e.g. SS and Days to Calving (DC).

More information on Dan's background and pedigree are available. The outcome of his genes on his latest batch of calves are very rewarding.

THOR is sold to Hanke du Toit, Jacobsdal